About Outdoor Explore

We like to go out into the hills. We don’t like fussing about with needlessly complex planning and logistics required to do so. We were growing tired of the strings of emails and text messages preceding our adventures. Coordinating equipment, food and transportation logistics was an arduous affair and we’d had enough of navigating mazes of forums and websites, trying to locate important information about access, conditions and route finding.

We knew there was a better way, so we decided to make Outdoor Explore.
It’s an easy way to plan your next escape.
It’s a place to get informed.
It’s a place to meet like-minded people and maybe find inspiration for trips you would like to take too!
It’s a place where the answers to questions like: Who’s driving? Where are we meeting? Which route should we take? Who’s bringing the first aid kit? What’s for dinner? Does anyone know if the road is open yet? Is the lake still frozen?

Whatever your outdoor flavour: kayaking or bike riding, hiking or skiing, running, or just hunting down a wonderful vista, we’ve created a basket of tools from which you can plan your next adventure. The irony in creating a digital tool to help escape our increasingly digital lives hasn’t gone unnoticed. But, adapt or die. It’s a digital world and we want to reduce the time wasted in the basement of that world and get outside more quickly and with less faffing about. We know that by integrating with your outdoor community, you will be more likely to get outside and that is our main objective.

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