How it works

We've got some powerful tools to help you find inspiration for your next adventure, plan trips and share your journeys with friends.

Here's how it works:

Be Inspired

Use our Inspiration search to find trips that others have done in your area. Use the filters to select which activity you're interested in (hiking, climbing etc.), select your desired location and search.

Plan Trips

Once you know where you want to go, use the Trip Planner to plan your route, gear, food, schedule etc. and invite your friends to join the team. You can use the built in message board to discuss the plan.

Get Out There

Go explore and enjoy the outdoors.

Share Your Journey

Once you've completed your trip you can create a Journey (or Trip Report) which contains a summary of the trip and each team members story and photos. This Journey can then be shared easily on other social media and will appear in the inspiration search for others to see.

We have more exciting tools on the way and be sure to check out our Journal for interesting articles and stories.

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