Our Team

Four amigos united around a common thread of making getting out there easier.

We like going into the lesser visited places. Since moving to the same town, we found ourselves often wandering the woods together. We share a credence that spending time outside, away from cars and shopping is an inherently beneficial thing.


John is a British internet builder from Leeds, England. He speaks in ones and zeros and has an addiction to high altitude and oversized climbing boots with spikes on them. Since discovering the joy found in the mountains he has taken up residence in Western Canada and been on trips to climb in the Himalaya. John prefers the use of hexes over cams; his favorite game is to clip heavy objects to fellow climbers harnesses as they leave the belay without them noticing - such as a full water bottle or a leg of ham.


Josh is a graphic designer from Bradford, England where the hills are rolling and the rivers flow with glorious ale. The outdoors, beer and brand-building are his passions, and they've brought him all the way to Canada for a shot at the big time. Josh has as much drive for design as he does for riding bikes from dawn till dusk, until his piston-like legs give up or he sheds a single solitary tear. Little known fact about Josh; due to his epic endurance levels he can eat at least 6 more meals per day than the average man.


Drew was born in Canada. Ever since he was small he has enjoyed spending time outside. He previously worked in Ontario and the Northwest Territories as a canoe guide before discovering rock climbing and moving to Canada's West, where the hills are bigger. When he's not spending time outside, he pulls together stories for the world of journalism. One time, at a friend's birthday party last year, Drew snuck in the kitchen while the others were eating dinner and ate the whole cake--before anyone sung happy birthday or anything. It was awkward.


David grew up climbing in the French Alps and is an expert map creator. He wishes he had been born in the 1600's so he could have been a true cartographer. Lately, he has been enjoying running long distances through the hills and is known for signing up for 50km trail races with little to no training. David has an affinity for hot cheese and one time he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a 33foot boat. At the age of 8, David saved batman from jumping out the third floor window of his grand parents house. Even he knew Batman can't fly.


For freelance writer Carmen Kuntz, work and play are a blend of whitewater and words. She lives the semi-nomadic life of a writer and whitewater kayaker, currently based out of Slovenia. She seeks to share stories of self-propelled adventure and recreation conservation and is most at home on her bike, in her boat or on the trails of wherever it is she calls 'home.'
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